Training provided by Tyler K.

Public Speaking Training Rates are per session starting at 55$/Session.

What is Public Speaking Training? What is Voice Over Training?

Tyler and his team of professionals understand the fear of Public Speaking, whether it's in front of a crowd or behind a mic. Did you know that it actually has a name? Glossophobia. It’s real, and we’ve been there. We take your fears, whether it's in a studio, training to be a VO Artist or a Public Speaker, identify them and help you overcome them. Naturally. We also help you consolidate your content into an amazing presentation. Less is more. That’s where we come in. Simple, effective, presentations. Simple, effective, speaking techniques.

Sessions range from 45 minutes to 1 hour for improved concentration.

*Public Speaking Workshops are available by request to the province of Alberta featuring a 2 hour Public Speaking Workshop entitled:

“Get over yourself and get on the mic.”